A beautiful stay for a beautiful cause

Dear Friends, welcome to our website and thank you for visiting the ROKPA Guest House. We invite you to share a unique experience with us. Our Guest House is the place to stay when visiting Kathmandu.

Relaxing and supporting an NGO

By choosing us, you will not just have a pleasant holiday, you will also provide vital support to the ROKPA NGO. ROKPA is an international charity, active in Nepal, South Africa and Zimbabwe. With your stay at the Guest House you contribute to some of ROKPA's major projects in Kathmandu as all of the profit goes into funding these projects. You will also be giving some underprivileged youths the opportunity to work as they will be the ones looking after you. During your stay, you will become part of the ROKPA family, one of many people from around the world who carry the ROKPA spirit in their hearts. That is why we call our Guest House - Your Home Away From Home.

Ideal location

Our cosy and welcoming Guest House is located just e few minutes walk from the Boudha Stupa, the holiest Tibetan Stupa and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979. We are ideally located in the Kathmandu valley as we are only 15 minutes away from the airport and the attractions you will most wish to see while visiting Kathmandu are within 30 minutes.